Democracy! Now What?

Politics is more interesting than it gets credit for. Or maybe I’ve just be spoiled as a kid hailing from the city of Mel Lastman & Rob Ford. During election time political theatre serves as pretty good theatre but after the results come in, most people stop paying attention. Here’s a piece on Blogger about why we shouldn’t be those people anymore.

The ability to make a decision every few years is great. Making an informed one is better. – C.S. Anderson

Public Enemy #15 (8 Years Later)

According to Drake, “There’s two sides to every story; and three when the truth gets told”.  I don’t know why former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter played the way he did during his final weeks in the city or what specifically led to him being a part of arguably the worst trade in franchise history. However if this post I wrote for Blogger indicates anything, it’s that I still feel a certain way about it all.

Like a bad breakup, it would forever be a moment we wouldn’t look back on unless it was totally necessary. Then then this week happened. – C.S. Anderson

Best Halloween Candy Ever

Inquiring minds on Blogger wanted to know, what’s your favourite candy to get while trick-or-treating on Halloween?

Managing Dreams

Sports I understand. Relationships, not always. Every so often, like when the manager of my beloved Toronto Blue Jays decided that he’d rather leave to work elsewhere, those two worlds intertwine. On Blogger, I tried to leverage my knowledge of one world to make sense of the other.

You can’t force people to feel things they don’t. Nor can you change what they truly feel in their heart. – C.S. Anderson

Millionaire Shmucks & Hockey Pucks

It’s safe to say that most Canadians, & hockey fans in general, love hockey. Love is tricky thing though. Give it to someone & it might get taken for granted. Take it away from that same person & watch them get all sorts of vexed. Case & point: The NHL Lockout. I wrote a post on Blogger about it & think my work was downright nifty.

It sucks that they won’t shine their spotlight on the other sports in this country but they want hockey news because it’s what’s got them to the point that they are now. – C.S. Anderson

Team Fitness

Fact: You need health to live. However you decide to get & remain healthy, go for it as long as it’s safe. Sure it might be cool to lose weight quickly but no one wants to see you dismember yourself in order to do that. I chose to use an app to count calories a while back & wrote about it on Blogger.

Is it because I’m grossly out of shape? No. Might it stem from me having more data than I need in my mobile phone plan & a love for apps that make it look like I’m doing something important when people are looking at me? Possibly. – C.S. Anderson

I Have to Be Thankful Again?

Take it from a guy who almost died once, family is crucial. You may not always see eye-to-eye with them but when the chips are down, it’s good to know that certain people are there for you. I know I’ve said this before, as I’m giving you a link to when I did it at least once on Blogger, but it can’t be said enough.

Family is great & you can’t go wrong with real friends. Health is nice too. – C.S. Anderson

Famous Re-Tweeters

Have you ever been retweeted by someone “famous”? Received a comment on a photo you took from someone with a gajillion followers online? Feels pretty sweet, right? Here’s something I wrote for Blogger after an unnamed musician blew up my Twitter mentions.

The brilliance of social media outlets like Twitter is that you can post all sorts of random thoughts & never look like you’re completely out of your mind. – C.S. Anderson


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