Master of None (Review)


#FryCookOnVenus Podcast Episodes

Shifting an old blog to this new blog, which is in actuality an even older blog, has proven to be a mission. It’s not difficult, but boring work. Plus, despite what I’ve heard from people smarter than I, embedding PodOMatic players on WordPress isn’t doable. So in an effort to make all prior episodes of #FCoV accessible on this here bloggy-blog, I’ve decided to list them in a directory. Every conversation from December 2012 – May 2015; aka from my former job sorting garbage to after I finished grad-school. Tis quite the chunk of my life & I hope you’ve enjoyed it to this point. New episodes will go up in separate posts so if you’re new to the show, let this list serve as an official introduction.

My name is Scott. I’m a dreamer, a storyteller, a renaissance man & a nice guy trying not to finish last. Nice to meet you.

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2012: Year In Review

Through the magic of Facebook, those who use the social network have been treated to a look back at twenty of their most important moments from the year 2012. Like many, I’m digging the feature but don’t feel like my best moments were presented. So in an effort to write a corny year-end blog post, BOOM!

Will You Follow Me?

Do celebrities get away with things that normal people could never do or am I just a hater? I imagine the answer is both when you really analyze the two points but indulge me for a bit. If I went into a restaurant & expected a cheaper meal after the staff caught a glance at me, they’d probably end up charging me more for being ignorant. Famous folks can apparently make situations like this work out in their favour though. So after spending a fair amount of time telling myself that it’d be out-of-bounds to share your innermost feelings about someone via keystrokes, imagine my surprise when I heard that celebs are proposing to each other online.

Operation: Social Santa

This week I got my first birthday/Christmas present of the year. Apparently people have gotten the memo that I don’t really care to receive gifts for myself during the holiday season so they’ve decided to give me stuff prior to it. The gift itself was something that I assumed weeks ago someone was likely to “surprise” me with while attempting to figure out what I like. After making use of it more than once already, I have to admit that I love it & that this holiday spirit stuff is better than lait de poule. So here’s an idea how to spread it.

Getting Over A Breakup (Blue Jays Edition)

Being broken up with is the worst thing ever. Like, literally. You spend all this time showing a someone your ins & outs, develop a deep emotional attachment to them & then BOOM! You wake up one day & none of that is supposed to matter anymore. Similar situations can be seen in the world of sports. For example, managers/coaches & their teams. Imagine the manager of a baseball team leaving for a rival team he had a prior relationship with. Even though he signed swore allegiance to his new club, he was all too ready to head back to where he came from. Sounds like a soap opera? Well, here’s my write up on when it happened to the Toronto Blue Jays & my advice on how they would best get over it. Welcome Toronto sports.

Democracy! Now What?

Politics is more interesting than it gets credit for. Or maybe I’ve just be spoiled as a kid hailing from the city of Mel Lastman & Rob Ford. During election time political theatre serves as pretty good theatre but after the results come in, most people stop paying attention. Here’s a piece on Blogger about why we shouldn’t be those people anymore.

The ability to make a decision every few years is great. Making an informed one is better. – C.S. Anderson

Public Enemy #15 (8 Years Later)

According to Drake, “There’s two sides to every story; and three when the truth gets told”.  I don’t know why former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter played the way he did during his final weeks in the city or what specifically led to him being a part of arguably the worst trade in franchise history. However if this post I wrote for Blogger indicates anything, it’s that I still feel a certain way about it all.

Like a bad breakup, it would forever be a moment we wouldn’t look back on unless it was totally necessary. Then then this week happened. – C.S. Anderson


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